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Brilliant Pin Promotion

Tired of worrying about where your next sale will come from?

Let's cross that one your list forever.


Tired of depending on bloggers and influencers to get the word out about you - only to be let down because they didn't hold up their end of the bargain?

Take back control of your business with a plan you can scale.

 No begging or bartering required!


Tired of learning from "digital marketers" who've never sold a physical product? 

Learn from someone who has successfully made 5-10K/month selling physical products, and now makes 5-10K/month selling digital products too. Whatever you sell in your business, I'll show you a road map that works!


Tired of watching others succeed all around you - while you get left in the dust? 


That all changes 

 right here, 

 right now.

Enter, Brilliant Pin Promotion!

Hi there! It's so nice to meet you! I'm Beth Anne Schwamberger, and I'm a mom, wife, blogger, podcaster, online shop owner, and the creator of Brilliant Pin Promotion. When it comes to online business, I....sort of do it all! 

My love of Pinterest started in the Fall of 2015. I launched a brand new online shop, and I had no idea how I would drive enough traffic to it to make sales.

After trying giveaways, blog features, sponsored videos and Instagram posts, Pinterest stood out among every other marketing tactic I tried as the easiest way to get sales in my shop.

After mastering promoted pins, I went to bed each night with sales in my shop (while I was off enjoying time with my family!), then I'd wake up the next morning to see more sales happened while I slept!

After I mastered promoted pins, I tested and tweaked my organic Pinterest strategy, and within a few months' time, I increased Pinterest traffic to my blog by 2.5X, and I'm increasing my followers by 1500/month!

I want these kind of results for you too! I know they're possible, because when I started using Pinterest for my business, I started completely from scratch. I didn't have huge blog traffic or a huge following elsewhere to help me out. 

Anyone can master Pinterest, and that "anyone" should be you, brilliant lady!

The best part about learning from me? I'm real, down-to-earth, and never too busy to help you out. 

I'm passionate about helping you grow your business on the side while also enjoying your life. You don't have to spend your days chained to your computer. You CAN make your brilliant brand known when you have a proven system and plan to follow. 

Join me and over 100 other happy students inside Brilliant Pin Promotion. I'm confident it's the best Pinterest course on the market, and I dare you to prove me wrong :)

Whether you're starting from scratch or have a successful business already, the trainings inside Brilliant Pin Promotion are for you, because I cover strategies no one else is talking about ;) 

This isn't one of those courses that talks a big talk, has a big price-tag, and then delivers the same old boring stuff you've read everywhere else online. I've tried and tested strategies that are all my own - and they're yours for the taking. 

I can't wait to help you grow your business with Pinterest and breathe easy because you're not stressing about your next sale. You got this, Brilliant Lady! Just click the buy button and you're in!

Learn how I mastered both promoted pins and organic pinning:

Learn how I quickly made Pinterest the #1 referrer of traffic to our brand spankin' new Shopify Store:

Discover the techniques that get your pins in front of more of the right people, faster than the competition:

The best part - these results are REPEATABLE, right Laura?

"I definitely learned a ton. I had definitely been doing promoted pins all wrong! They're nothing like FB ads. I went ahead and promoted a couple pins using your advice, and I'm getting WAY better results than when I tried previously." 


- Laura from


This course is only for women with a brilliant message to share, a brilliant product to sell, and a passion to increase traffic and sales in their business.

Let's get started!


Brilliant Pin Promotion is a comprehensive, self-paced course with over 17 video trainings. 

Learn the exact strategies I've used to grow my organic traffic and following on Pinterest, as well as how I scale my business even more using Promoted Pins. 

Follow a Proven Action Plan that will get results - even if you're brand new or starting from scratch.

What’s Included in Brilliant Pin Promotion?

"There were at least two or three key points that I got from the promoted pins modules that have made a dramatic change in how many views and clicks that I am getting. At the same time my cost per click has reduced so I am OVER THE MOON thrilled to have gotten the Brilliant Pin Promotion course.... so worth the investment!"

-Tara from Marketing Artfully& Glamorously Vintage

Let's take a closer look inside the course...

Lesson 1: Setting up Your Pinterest Profile for Success 

Lesson 2: Overall Pinterest board strategy

Lesson 3: How to Create Gorgeous Images for Pinterest. Video 1 covers gorgeous pin image formats. And Video 2 covers the types of images to avoid for a successful promoted pins campaign.

Lesson 4: How to upload your own images for the perfect pin every single time. 

Lesson 5: How to Master Pinterest SEO for massive organic results. 

Lesson 6: Strategic Board Creation. Learn how to create the right boards for your niche, fill them with fresh content, and rank them in search. 

Lesson 7: How to Find Incredible Group Boards to Pin To. (10X your Organic Pinning Strategy!)

Lesson 8: How to Use Board Booster and Tailwind to Maximize your Results. I walk you through how I use Board Booster to set my pins on autopilot and generate loads of organic traffic.

Lesson 9: Promoted Pins Introduction: 5 Ways to Use Them!

Lesson 10: How to Choose the Right Keywords for your Promoted Pins Campaigns. (Learn ninja tricks no one else is using!) 

Lesson 11: How to Set your Ad Budget. (This video is the foundation of becoming a successful marketer and business owner. It will change the way you look at your business!)

Lesson 12: How to Track Conversions and Sales in your Campaign.

Lesson 13: How to Measure the Results of your Campaigns

Lesson 14: How to Create a List-Building Campaign.

Lesson 15: The Incubator Method for Promoted Pins. How to Use Promoted Pins for Huge Results - even if you're on a tight budget!

Lesson 16: How to use Pinterest Interests to Amplify your Efforts  

Lesson 17: Take a look inside my failed campaign from over 1 year ago. Learn from my past mistakes so they don't happen to you. (Told ya I didn't hold anything back ;)

Lesson 18: Bonus: The 3-Step Formula to gaining more Pinterest followers fast

Lesson 19: Bonus: Periscope Series - 5 Days of Pinterest Brilliance

"I want to tell you that this is the most informative course I've ever taken! I've enrolled in many webinars over the years, and so many of those simply contain reminders of things you already know, or tips and tricks that you might not be sure how to carry over into your own business. But the Brilliant Pin Course is absolutely packed with hands-on learning and a complete action plan! I took copious notes through each section of the course, and quite frankly, I left every lesson with new information I had never heard or seen before. To top it all off, you're so enthusiastic and genuine to listen to, which also made it fun. It feels like a brainstorming session with a friend. Thank you thank you!"  

- Courtney from

“Up until this point, I have had pretty much zero Pinterest traffic to my Etsy shop. I've gotten through the first few videos of the course, and the only thing I have implemented are the tips for improving your profile, and I've been so busy that I haven't really touched for anything else on Pinterest over a week. But even as I ignore it, I'm getting new followers and I am noticing a few clicks in my stats from Pinterest this week! Wooohooo! Now imagine what could happen if I can get through the rest of the course and actually spend a bit of time pinning things!” 

-Sylvie from EclairLips


Solidify your success story on Pinterest

Get Immediate Access to the Course + Lifetime Access to All Course Updates

(And you know me... I'm always testing and tweaking my strategies. I've already added more content to the course...and it just launched last month!)

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