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Brilliant Life Planner - Printable Version + Planner School Video Course

$ 45.00

The 2017 Brilliant Life Planner is for every woman with great big dreams and an even bigger heart.

More than just a place to write down dates and to-do’s, the Brilliant Life Planner has pages to set big goals, then break them down into manageable steps.

It’s a keepsake with room to write your favorite memories and gratitude from each week, includes an area to reflect on the progress you’ve made toward your goals, let you focus on the week ahead with room to prioritize both your work and your personal life, project-planning pages to organize all of your biggest tasks this year, and a habit tracker for building daily habits that help you make consistent progress toward your goals.

The Digital Brilliant Life Planner features:
-Beautiful, full-color designs on every single page.

-Space to reflect on your past week and write down your favorite memories and the things you're most grateful for.

-Habit-tracking pages

-Unique weekly layout and time-blocking system.

Note: This listing is for the digital planner. We're all sold out of 2017 physical planners, but you can print and bind your very own Brilliant Life Planner using our high-quality, digital file.

Plus, access to all 4 weeks of Planner School!

Planner School is a unique program developed by Beth Anne Schwamberger, the creator of the Brilliant Life Planner. In 30 minute videos, she walks you through how to get the most out of your planner, how to dream big, and then break those dreams down into manageable goals that you can tackle each day. Planner School helps you keep your goals and passions at the forefront of all of your plans.

Here’s what our community of Brilliant Women have to say about Planner School:

I want to thank you for creating this planner. After 3 weeks with it I am officially in BEAST mode for 2017 Goals! The lessons you posted helped me to finally prioritize my goals. I feel an overwhelming sense of clarity and it is incredible! I posted this video of the detail work I am doing for one of my goals. This girl is on fire!” -Emily

“I just have to say WOW! I have gotten so much out of the first two days! I am so very grateful that I came across this planner and this group! Thank you Beth Anne Schwamberger and anyone else who has made this possible. I feel something amazing brewing in my life. SO Excited to catch up on the next few videos.🌟Oh and this planner is BEAUTIFUL!!” -Kateri

“The last planner school lessons really motivated me. So I finally started to fill out all those beautiful sheets in my planner. LOVE IT so much. And helps a lot not to feel overwhelmed all the time. I still have to break down my projects into smaller tasks. But I am so optimistic now, that I am on my way and really can do this. AWESOME feeling.” -Mignon

And, you'll also receive our printable Brilliant Business Planner as a gift!

This printable planner will keep your business and blog organized and fabulous.

The Brilliant Life Planner is for every woman with a great big goal she's trying to pursue. Whether you’re starting a non-profit, growing a business, or growing a family, the Brilliant Life Planner is for you.

It’s for every woman who believes her dreams matter -- every woman who has passions bigger than her heart can hold but feels overwhelmed at the thought of bringing those passions to life.

Let’s get out of the busy spiral of overwhelm and step into a life of more purpose, meaning, gratitude and beauty.

And guess what?! Every Brilliant Life Planner customer gets exclusive access to our affiliate program. 

Soon, all your friends will be asking you how you're crushing goals and accomplishing so much? You can tell them all about the Brilliant Life Planner, and earn a $10 commission for each planner sale you refer!

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