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Brilliant Social Media Class

Stop Obsessing Over What to Post and Easily Build a Loyal Tribe

So many business owners (and I am 100% guilty of this too!) are so focused on getting "our message" out there that we forget to listen... to just show up and spend time with our customers and audience.

It's when we listen that we learn what our customers really want.

It's when we listen that we become less like a business, and more like a friend.

And it's when we listen that we realize we don't need to "game" any system online in order to grow. We just need to show up and serve.

If you'd like to start showing up more and stressing less when it comes to social media, but you're not quite sure how, I've got a fabulous resource to help you get started. 

Learn How to be Brilliant on Social Media

What You'll Learn in Class:

  • Learn the REAL purpose of social media (It's not what you think!)
  • Keep your audience engaged with loads of new content ideas (No more scratching your head and wondering what to say next)
  • Learn How to Get More Reach Without Spending your Day Chained to Your Phone  
  • Learn What Metrics Matter (and which ones are just wasting your time!)  
  • Get Over 200 Post Examples - from REAL Mamapreneurs just like you!  
  • Completely shift your mindset when it comes to social media (and bring your joy back in the process!)
Make Social Media Fun Again!

When you purchase your ticket you'll get:

An invite to the live class, plus access to the replay forever.

Class worksheets and transcripts

Bonus Training on How to Host a Facebook Party to Expand your Reach!

Social Media Planning Printables

Class slideshow with hundreds of social media examples

Social Media Cheat Sheets (Know Exactly what Image and Video Sizes Work Best on Each Platform!) 


There are a lot of free classes available online. Why is yours paid?

Great question! Most of those free classes are a bunch of time-wasting fluff and then the teacher pitches you their $1,000 course at the end.

This class is 2 hours of incredible content. It will change your entire social media strategy. And it's nothing but juicy teaching goodness. No fluff. No pitches.  

Wouldn't you rather pay $15 and cut right to the chase with helpful content than waste an hour of your time on free fluff?

I can't make the class date and time, so I shouldn't buy a ticket right?

The class will be live on Tuesday July 25th at 9 PM eastern, but you should still grab your ticket now even if you can't attend live.  

Here's why: You'll get access to the replay, slides, and transcript forever plus several amazing bonuses.  

And after the live class date, I'm raising the price of the replay to $27. So you're getting the best possible deal when you purchase now.

How do I access the class?

We'll send you a special invite link to the live class 15 minutes before we go live. Then 2 days after class we'll send your replay, slides, and transcript and all bonuses. You'll have access to all of your goodies forever!

Who is this class for?

This class is for anyone who wants to grow their influence on social media.  

Whether you blog, own an online shop, sell your services, or just want to get the word out about your non-profit or MLM company, this class will teach you valuable strategies for building authentic relationships online and crushing it with social media.

Ok, so you're telling me this class is valuable but yet you're ONLY charging $15.... are you sure it's not crap on a stick?

Yes, I'm sure! My team and I work really hard to make sure all of our paid content is better than anyone else's. We're confident you won't be disappointed.  

If the class doesn't live up to your expectations, just email us at within 30 days of your purchase and we'll gladly give you a refund.  

We proudly stand behind every product we produce, and if it's not helpful, we don't want your money.

I hated school as a kid. Why would I want to pay for a class?

This class is different than anything you've attended before. Your instructor, Beth Anne, has loads of energy and makes learning fun.  

Plus, you won't be stuck staring at a bunch of boring slides. There are hundreds of visual examples of what to do on social media.  

Best of all, there will be a live chat so you can connect with other brilliant biz mamas just like you!  

(My students tell me my live chat is one of their favorite places to hang out online. The ladies you'll meet are amazing!)